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SFCMS Visit the Students from Economically Disadvantaged Families in Summer Vacation

Author: Posttime:2019-08-24 15:29:00 View Count:231

    During the summer vacation, Peng Lei, the Secretary of the Students Party Committee of the School of the First Clinical Medicine Sciences (SFCMS), led counselors to visit students from economically disadvantaged families in summer vacation.

    During the visit, the teachers had a deep conversation with the parents of the students from economically disadvantaged families, introduced the activities of "5 Ones" and the construction of "3 Civilizations" carried out by GMU over past years, and brought "A Letter to Parents" to each family. At the same time, they had an understanding of the completion of “5 Ones" during the summer vacation. During the interview, parents gave a high appraisal to the educational measures of GMU and expressed their support for cooperating with the school work. Students also indicated to study harder in the future to repay their parents and society with excellent results.