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Batch 2019 Graduates Visit the Red Health History Museum

Author: Posttime:2019-09-09 18:57:00 View Count:162

On the morning of September 7, Batch 2019 graduates visited the Red Health History Museum, revisiting the red health history, inheriting the spirit of red medicine and intensifying the original dreams of becoming a doctor.

During the visit, listening and watching, the graduates interacted with the commentators from time to time and showed strong interest in the history of red health. they visited 30 units for 11 themes, including Arduous Pioneering Work, the Establishment of Red Hospitals, the Red Health Campaign, the Protection of the Military and Civilian Health in the Soviet Area, the Smashing of Economic Blockade, the Protection of the Supply of Medicinal Materials, the Establishment of Health Systems, the Standardization of Health Campaigns, the Training of Medical and Health Talents Based on Simple Conditions, the Development of Health Publicity, the Exploration of Medical Research, etc. Through a series of pictures and cultural relics exhibits, they reviewed the brilliant history of red health development in the Central Soviet Area, listened to the stories of the doctors who devoted themselves to the medical and health cause such as He Cheng, Fu Lianzhang, Chen Zhifang and so on, realizing the red spirit of the revolutionary predecessors and signing with feeling the hardships of the years when the medical and health cause opened up.

After the visit, everyone said that the visit broadened their horizons, increased their knowledge, felt the doctors’ spirit of the revolutionary predecessors who were willing to die and devote themselves to rescue, and strengthened their determination to become a good doctor. In the future, they indicated to study hard in GMU, inherit the red spirit, and contribute to the development of national health care.