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The Sports Fields Reconstruction Project in Zhanggong Campus is Completed

Author: Posttime:2019-09-16 18:57:00 View Count:151

    Under the guidance of leaders at all levels, the Sports Fields Reconstruction Project in Zhanggong Campus has been completed and put into use after intensive construction.

    It is reported that the plastic raceway was of dislocation or breakage and the standsof the Sports Fieldswere very worn-out to some extent in the past. In order to make the Sports Fieldsplay a greater role in the development of GMU, GMU transformed theSports Fields, namely,replacing the plastic surface layer and artificial turf (about 6,300 square meters of plastic surface layer and 3,400 square meters of artificial turf), building a new sports ground stand and basketball court stand, building a new court fence, laying permeable bricks around the basketball court, and cleaning up the surrounding drainage channels. The transformedSports Fieldsin Zhanggong campus will take on a brand-new look, create a good sports activity place for teachers and students, and improve the campus sports teaching site and environment.