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DS and the Library Jointly Hold the Fire Drill

Author: Posttime:2019-10-29 19:02:00 View Count:165

    Recently, the Division of Security (DS) and the Library jointly held on-site fire drill in the Huangjin Campus. DS, all staff of the Library and more than 300 students of Batch 2019 3-year MBBS attended it.
    Fire drill included fire fighting practice, use of fire equipment, etc. In the practical operation of fire fighting, dozens of librarians, under the guidance of the staff of the DS, put out the burning fire in the iron box in batches. "Before putting out the fire, the fire extinguisher should be checked comprehensively. When putting out the fire, people should stand at the upper vent of the fire and pay attention to putting out the fire 3 to 5 meters away from the fire source". The DS staff taught the essentials of putting out the fire on site. In addition, the staff of DS also introduced the functions and use methods of fire-fighting equipment such as water pipe connection and fire hydrant to the librarians. The librarians carried out practical operation on the connection of water pipes and the use of fire hydrants on site, and ensured that every librarian mastered that.


    In autumn, the fire is easy to happen, so the fire control work is particularly important. Fan Qilan, director of the Library, said "We hope to enhance everyone's awareness of fire fighting and improve the level of fire fighting knowledge by holding fire drills. In the future, we should pay attention to fire prevention at all times. We should start with every little thing and start with the key links to protect the safety of life and property. "