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SP Holds the 1st Dormitory Culture Festival

Author: Posttime:2019-11-08 19:04:00 View Count:162

    On the evening of November 7, the School of Pharmacy (SP) held the 1st Dormitory Culture Festival Activity under the theme "Showing the Youth, Striving for Civilized Dormitory" in the Academic Hall of the Administration Building of the Huangjin Campus. Secretary of the SP Party committee Chen Linbo, the dean He Wei, the associate dean Lai Riyong and Ding Yechun, as well as 330 students from all Batches, attended the festival.

    8 dormitories entered the finals. All the participating dormitories showed the culture of the dormitories through housekeeping, tacit competition among roommates, and fault finding. Finally, Room 417 in the 6th Dormitory won the Best Room Award. Room 321 the Most Creative Award. Room 318 the Harmonious Award. Room 311 the Best Popularity Award.

    During the activity, awards were also given to the inspection-free dormitories.