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Young Teachers Teaching Contest of SFCMS in 2014 Approaches to the End

Author: Posttime:2014-05-19 15:42:00 View Count:110

      From May 15 to 16, the School of the First Clinical Medicine Sciences (SFCMS) held the Young Teachers Teaching Contest in 2014 in Zhanggong Campus.



     Education supervision expert panel of this school and the director s of departments constituted the judges. 18 contestants under 40 years old from various teaching and research teaching office participated. Each contestant selected a course to do 15-minute demonstation. After intense competition, Ren Ling won the first award. Xie Chun and Liu Linlin the second award. Song Chunhua, Xiao Xueqin, QiuChuanzhen, CaiJiumei and Chen Yun the third award. The associate dean Ye Jun, panel experts and department directors awarded the winners.