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The SFCMS Holds the Revolutionary Song Contest

Author: Posttime:2014-05-26 14:56:00 View Count:100
     On the evening of May 24, the School of the First Clinical Medicine Sciences (SFCMS) held the Revolutionary Song Contest under the theme of “Converging Positive Energy &Eulogizing the China Dream” in Huangjin Campus. The deputy secretary of GMU Party Committee Chen Xin, the assistant to GMU President Li Hanting, the leaders concerned from the Propaganda Department, Youth League Committee, the School of Basic Medicine Sciences and around 400 students from SFCMS watched the contest.


     Starting with the dance “My Motherland and Me”, “Jing ZhongBaoGuo” or “Repay the Country with Supreme Loyalty”, “Yi Er San Si Ge” or “One Two Three Four”, “Jun ZhongJie Mei” or “Army Sister”, “Zhou Xiang Fu Xin” or “Into the Rejuvenation” etc was put on performance.

     The contest approached to the end in the song “Guojia” or “Country”.