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SP Holds the Experiment Skill Contest

Author: Posttime:2014-05-28 15:05:00 View Count:118

      Recently, School of Pharmacy (SP) held the Experiment Skill Contest in the Chemistry & Pharmacy Lab Building. This contest covered crude drug identification, solution configuration, concentration measurement and chemistry experiment skill. 14 teams from this school participated and the teachers of this school acted as the judges.
     Proceeding carefully in experiment operation, each team members well exerted their proficiency. At length, Team 1 of Batch 2011 majoring in TCM won the championship in the crude drug identification, solution configuration and concentration measurement competition. Team 2 the second award and Team 1 of Class 1 of Batch 2011 majoring in pharmacy the third award. Class Pharmacy (College level) of Batch 2012 won the championship in chemistry experiment skill competition.Class Pharmacy (Bachelor degree level) of Batch 2012 the second award.Class Pharmacy (College level) of Batch 2013 the third award.