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SP Holds the Seminar for Pharmacy Majors Development

Author: Posttime:2014-06-03 16:12:00 View Count:80

      In May 31, School of Pharmacy (SP) held the 1-day seminar for pharmacy majors’ development in Zhanggong Campus. Hosted by Fan Qilan, the SP dean, GMU Vice-President Liu Min, the director of Division of Academic Affairs Xin Ganhai, the director of Higher Education Research Office Liu Shanjiu and the SP staff concerned attended the seminar.



     After the simple Opening Ceremony, Xin Ganhai delivered the lecture “The Fundamentals for Majors’ Development”. Fan Qilan made introduction to the majors’ development plan in the 2014-2015 academic year. The associate dean Lai Riyong interpreted the National Certification Standards for Pharmacy Majors of Bachelor Degree.



      In the afternoon, Liu Shanjiu delivered the lecture “The Writing for Majors’ Quality Report” and made introduction to the requirements for the majors’ quality report writing. 3 majors’ persons in charge, namely, Zeng Jing, Peng Jinnian and Wu Longhuo respectively delivered lectures on pharmacy majors, TCM majors and pharmaceutical engineering majors.
     After the reports, Liu Min had positive attitudes to the accomplishments for majors’ development and disciplines development over the past years, pointed out the disadvantages and raised requirements for pharmacy majors’ certification.
      In the concluding speech, Fan Qilan pointed out that this seminar achieved the expected results and that SP staff were required to do well in affairs in terms of majors’ goals, teaching quality, course system, faculty strength, teaching conditions, discipline development so as to guarantee the qualities of majors’ teaching and talents cultivation.