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The Lecture “Life & Death” is Held in Huangjin Campus

Author: Posttime:2014-06-06 14:18:00 View Count:108

     On the evening of June 5, the lecture “Life & Death” was held in Huangjin Campus. This lecture was delivered by XieYuntian from the Edition Section of GMU Newspaper and attended by more than 200 class psychological members.
      Starting with the relationship between life and death, this lecture analyzed death definition from the perspective of medical sciences, law sciences, sociology, philosophy, psychology etc based on numerous examples, exposited various elements leading to death, the people’s pursuit over death, hospice care and funeral culture and attached importance to the correct attitudes to death so as to enrich the value of life, eliminate superstition and keep healthy.
      Chen Jie, a student from Class 11 of Batch 2013 majoring in MBBS, said that death was inevitable to anyone and that only by confronting death and developing scientific outlook on life and death, can we better grasp each day, cherish life and each person around us.