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SIE Offers Various Service for the Freshmen

Author: Posttime:2014-09-01 13:06:00 View Count:66
      With the arrival of the freshmen, School of Information Engineering (SIE) offered various services for them.
      Firstly, SIE attached great importance and intensified the preparations. From August 19 to 22, SIE held several meetings for freshmen’s arrival and all faculties were required to attend. All faculties were requested to put the students first and be hospitable, considerate and civilized so as to solve the questions/problems raised by each freshman.

      Secondly, the work content was innovative and the locale for freshman arrival was people-oriented. In order to offer better service, this school distributed the Contact Cards and bookmarks with GMU logo and motto, established the “One-stop Service Site” and distributed the Ganzhou Maps, daily drugs and sewing kits to the freshmen and their parents in need.

      Thirdly, the faculty actively paid visits to the dormitories and timely mastered the fundamentals of freshmen for new circumstances. From August 23 to 26, the faculty paid visits to freshman dormitory for times, asked the questions concerned, solved the doubts, enjoined the students to accommodate new environment and merge into new collectives.