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SR Hold a Lecture for Freshmen

Author: Posttime:2014-09-01 14:07:00 View Count:65

       On the evening of August 30, School of Rehabilitation (SR) held a lecture for freshmen. Wan Dezhi from the Department of Psychology was invited to deliver the lecture and around 200 freshmen attended it.
      Focusing on how freshmen accommodated the college life quickly, Wan Dezhi emphasized that study methods and life mode were quite different from those in high school so that freshmen should adjust to the new circumstance as soon as possible. 
      Wan Dezhi encouraged the freshmen to actively participate in various activities, which not only can boost communicative competence, also exercise the organization abilities and improve the comprehensive qualities.
      After the lecture, a freshman majoring in rehabilitation therapeutics with the surname Huang said “Although there is large gap between reality and dream, the juniors and seniors are very hospitable. As a non-native, I can feel the warmth of home and I will quickly adjust to the college life”.