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Teachers and Students of SIE Joyfully Have the Celebration of Mid-autumn Festival

Author: Posttime:2014-09-09 09:33:00 View Count:77

      The flowers were in full bloom and the moon was full tonight. On the evening of September 8, the teachers and students of School of Information Engineering (SIE) gathered together to joyfully have the celebration of Mid-autumn Festival. Starting with the melodious Zither Music, the get-together was rich and colorful, making all cheerful. The solo “Yi ge ren de jingcai” or “My Style” from the Batch 2014 student, the group dancing “Little Apple” from the Students’ Union and interesting games brought the get-together to a climax. The teachers and students became a harmonious whole, making the freshmen feel the warmth and love. At length, the get-together approached to the end with the song “Xiang qin xiang ai yi jia ren” or “A Loving Family”.