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SHSS Holds the Conference for the Batch 2014 Students

Author: Posttime:2014-09-10 12:40:00 View Count:304

      At noon of September 9, School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) held the conference for the Batch 2014 students in Huangjin Campus. SHSS leaders Zhong Meizhu, Liu Ningsheng and Tao Jun, directors in charge of each department, batch 2014 class teachers, teachers from the Students’ Affairs and all freshmen attended the conference.
     The conference started with the solemn national anthem. Firstly, the teachers’ representative Zheng Yanan and the freshmen representative Cheng Chiwen majoring in MBBS for bachelor degree respectively made a speech. The dean Liu Ningsheng delivered a speech, pointing out that each student must adapt himself/herself to the college study and life as soon as possible; he/she should develop fine morality and do his/her utmost to be the high-quality talent; Every student should build brand new study methods and cultivate the self-study capabilities to have the master of knowledge; students should attach more importance to health, adhere to building the body and bring up strong will and broad mind.