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Entrance Education for the Batch 2014 Graduates Ended with a Complete Success

Author: Posttime:2014-09-22 09:58:00 View Count:77

      In the middle of September, the Division of Graduates’ Affairs held the entrance education for the Batch 2014 graduates and the functional departments and schools concerned made an introduction to the affairs concerned.
      GMU President Han Limin gave the first class “Xing Da Yi Zhi Dao, Cheng JunziZhi Feng” or “Building the Noble Morality to Build the Gentleman’s Style” to the graduates. Leaders from the School of Basic Medical Sciences, School of the First Clinical Medical Sciences and School of Pharmacy etc made an introduction to the schools concerned. The Scientific Research Center director showed the apparatus and the Animal Lab for Scientific Research Experiments. The library director made an introduction to the literature and service channels in detail. The Division of Security director narrated the importance in the campus with samples. The Division of Students’ Affairs director directed the graduates to learn the regulations concerned.