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SIE Holds the Christmas & New Year Party for Overseas Students

Author: Posttime:2014-12-30 11:52:00 View Count:77

      On the evening of December 25, School of International Education (SIE) held the Christmas & New Year Party for overseas students in Huangjin Campus. Leaders concerned from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, SIE and Exit-Entry Administration Division of Public Security Bureau of Ganzhou as well as teachers and overseas students watched the party.
      Christmas trees with full gifts and Santa Claus wearing red hats constituted a dreamy fairy tale world. More than 100 overseas students from Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana, Pakistan etc as well as more than 300 Chinese students enjoyed a happy get-together.
      Permeated with youth melody and Christmas tinges, this party gave full play to merry atmosphere which was constituted by popping from Ghana students, hand show dance from African students and solos from Zimbabwe students.