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IEC Held the Informal Conference of Batch 2012 Students Leaders of International Nursing Majors

Author: Posttime:2013-09-09 09:52:00 View Count:291

      On September 3, International Education College (IEC) held the informal conference of Batch 2012 student leaders of International Nursing Majors in Zhanggong Campus. During the conference, Huang Dong, the dean of IEC, summarized the study situation of last semester in detail, analyzed the existing problems, shared the experience of boosting the study proficiency with the students and employed the very examples to encourage the student leaders to set good examples to others, develop fine study style, study hard and well meet the challenges of internship and employment. Besides, he promoted the work of clinical medical majors’ recognition, required the students to treat themselves as the masters of GMU to familiarize the school survey and make more contributions to this recognition.