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Library Carries out Library Access Education for Batch 2015 Students

Author: Posttime:2015-09-08 12:22:00 View Count:66

    From September 6 to 9, Library carried outLibrary Access Education for 62 classes of Batch 2015 students by stages and in batches, which around 3,000 freshmen participated.
    During this activity, librarian had an exposition to how to use One-Card, Self-check machine, Query Machine, Newspaper Reading Machine etc. Besides, one-stop service procedure, schedule and regulations were introduced. Librarian played self-check machine video to give a vivid display to self-check procedure, stimulating the students a lot.
    It is known that the freshmen of each class queue up for entry on time and have the Library Access Education conscientiously. After class, numerous freshmen want to itch to try the Self-check machine.