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GMUPCC Delivers a Mental Health Lecture for Freshmen

Author: Posttime:2015-09-11 16:47:00 View Count:68

    In view of the potential mental problems of freshmen, Mr. Fang Biji with doctoral degree from  GMU Psychology Consultation Center (GMUPCC) delivered a lecture under the theme of “Mental Health and Adjustment of Contemporary College Students” for School of Rehabilitation freshmen.
    Fang Biji employed vivid pictures and numerous samples to give a display to mental adjustment strategies in terms of what mental health was, how to keep psychology health, why college students needed mental health and how to tackle psychology problems. He pointed out that freshmen came across mental adjustment problems more or less in the first academic year and that they can take the following measures: Firstly, corrected the recognitions; Secondly, kept confidence well; Thirdly, learned to take the active coping style; Fourthly, actively found the social support; Fifthly, learned the common strategies to reduce pressure to enrich the spirit.