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SIE Launches the Tianyue Order-orientated Cultivation of Talents Plan

Author: Posttime:2015-09-14 16:54:00 View Count:71

    In September 12, Dong Yi, the director from Jiangxi Tianyue Group (JXTYG), and Zhang Hai, the Human Resource Center inspector-general of JXTYG were invited by School of Information of Engineering (SIE) to carry out internship promotion for next year graduates, officially launching the “Tianyue Order-orientated Cultivation of Talents Plan”. After the promotion, 3 classes’ seniors signed the internship or employment intension with JXTYG.
    It is known that JXTYG will cooperate with SIE to establish “Class Tianyue” based on “Tianyue Order-orientated Cultivation of Talents Plan”, targeting to offer 1 month’s training for seniors. Subjects such as An Introduction to Medical Equipment and Medical Equipment Market will be set up and eva luated. According to the eva luation results, seniors will be recommended to do internship or work in JXTYG. Finishing their internship, they can have  bi-directional selection, opening a new model of university-enterprise cooperation featuring study, internship and employment.