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SN Young Volunteers Carry out Charity Activities in Tianli Geracomium

Author: Posttime:2015-10-19 14:59:00 View Count:92

    On the morning of October 18, more than 30 volunteers from the Young Volunteers Service Team of School of Nursing (SN) went to the Tianli Geracomium of Ganzhou for charity activities on the occasion of Double Ninth Day.
    Before the start, volunteers made full preparations. After the arrival, some volunteers patiently trimmed nails for the old; some combed their hair; some tidied the beds and cleaned the rooms; some chatted with the old; some measured the blood pressure.


    Besides, volunteers put on colorful programs performance.

    Revolutionary songs such as “Ten Farewell To Red Army”, “Unity is strength”and "Back From the Butts" performed by Class 2 of Batch 2015 majoring in bachelor degree nursing brought the performance to a climax, making numerous old men try to have a go.

    Volunteers made handmade flowers for the old in person.
    After the activities, the old sang high praise of the team. On farewell, a granny tightly held the hands of Xing Yi, a student from Class 3 of Batch 2015 majoring in bachelor degree nursing, saying “You should often come here”, which tears of excitement filled her eyes and nearly brimmed over. The volunteers affirmatively told the old “We do come to see you!”