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FAHGMU Actively Gives the Treatment to an HIV Fracture Patient

Author: Posttime:2015-10-20 15:01:00 View Count:70

    “Doctors, thank your meticulous treatment”. Miss You, an 81-year-old lady from Ganxian County waved goodbye to the medical staff of Section 3 of Orthopedics Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) on the morning of October 13. Before that, due to fracture, she consulted doctors here and there, but she suffered embarrassment at last.
    It is known that Miss Yao was a HIV patient and her husband lived in Southeast Asia. According to her families, without turning on lights, Miss Yao fell down in the Washing Room at night a month ago and she cannot move at all. Then, her families sent her to a hospital. But a week later, the doctor asked her to discharge from the hospital.
    However, her symptoms were the same as before. Her families sent her to another hospital. But 10 days later, the doctor asked her to discharge.
    It repeated for times. At last, she was sent to FAHGMU. After examination, Miss Yao was diagnosed as the comminuted fracture and an operation was needed urgently.
    In view of a HIV patient, Dr. Du Yongwei reported it to the leaders concerned. And the leaders pointed out that all-out treatment was given to this old lady.
    Based on the anesthesiologist’s cooperation, professor Lai Guangsong, together with Dr. Du Yongwei, successfully completed the operation. After the cooperation, the old lady well recovered gradually and discharged from the FAHGMU in October 13.
    Dr. Du Yongwei indicated that the HIV patients were actually very agony and lonely, that more care and warmth should be given to them and that this vulnerable group should not be discriminated.