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Miss Gong Xi from Department of Psychology Delivers a Mental Health Lecture for Policemen of FPSBG

Author: Posttime:2015-11-02 16:09:00 View Count:65

    Recently, at the invitation of the Forest Public Security Bureau of Ganzhou (FPSBG), Miss Gong Xi from Department of Psychology delivered a mental health lecture under the theme “Build Body, Build Psychology, Build Happiness” for FPSBG policemen. More than 70 members from FPSBG listened to the lecture on the spot and more than 500 members from all districts and counties’ branches listened through the video system.

    In view of the complexity and high-risk, high strength and load of the Forest Public Security affairs and in terms of psychology, Gong Xi had an introduction to emotion adjustment methods, interpersonal communication skills, physiological health care etc. in simple vivid terms with detailed theories and typical samples.  

    The around 2-hour lecture was sung high praise by the policemen.