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The First SUNNY MUSICAL Ends with a Complete Success

Author: Posttime:2015-11-16 16:53:00 View Count:67

    In November 13, hosted by the Instrumental Association of Associations’ Federation of GMU, the first SUNNY BAND Musical was held in Huangjin Campus. GMU’s “Teller Band”, “MK. Summer”from the Jiangxi Environmental Engineering Vocational College and“MK. Trance” Band were invited to participate. Around 600 persons watched the performance.


    Starting with the “I Want my Tears Back” and “NO PLACE TO HIDEE”, the “DANG” from Sunny Band, “Holiday” as well as “Everyday” from the 5th Sunny Band were put on performance. Everyone was affected by the present hot atmosphere. After the “Kai Men Jian Shan” and “I am Anger”, “Teller Band”, “MK Summer” as well as “MK Trance” respectively sang “Hua Huo”, “I Only Care About You” and “Kai Dao Tu Mi”. Finally, the Musical approached to the end with chorus “The Internationale” by the all members of Instrumental Association.