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GMU Psychology Consultation Centre Held the Lecture on “The Organization and Development of Psychology Activities”.

Author: Posttime:2013-09-25 10:15:00 View Count:221

      On the afternoon of September 24, Miss Wen Yiyuan from the Psychology Consultation Centre of Gannan Normal University, specially invited by the Division of Students’Affairs and GMU Psychology Consultation Centre, delivered a lecture on “The Organization and Development of Psychology Activities”, which was attended by the leaders of the Division of Students’Affairs and the Department of Psychology, the political and ideological counselors and teachers from the Department of Psychology.
       Based on the role consciousness of a students’affairs worker, Wen Yiyuan, a national 2-Class psychology consultant and an EQ trainer of “QinmiZhiLu”or “Intimacy Journey”, introduced the skills on how to build fine role expectation and positive role experience to exposit the rights and obligations and norms of a political and ideological counselor. Next, she introduced the significance and development methods of psychology activities of class building in detail. Through several typical cases such as “Life Education”, “Time Management”and “Love Our Home”, she exposited the significance of conducting psychology class meeting as the theme in promoting class mental health.