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The Department of Nursing of the FAHGMU Held the “Excellent Nursing Seminar in 2013”

Author: Posttime:2013-09-27 08:50:00 View Count:280

      Recently, the Department of Nursing of the First Affiliated Hospital of Gannan Medical University (FAHGMU) held the “Excellent Nursing Seminar in 2013”.
     Of the seminar, Wu Lianxiang, the head nurse of Gastrointestinal Surgery, and Huang Haiyan, the head nurse of No.1 Department of Cardiology, introduced the experience on excellent nursing service for “Model Ward” since the March 2010 and made a plan for the next period on excellent nursing service.
     Yi Xiuying, the head nurse of Hepatobiliary Surgery working on nursing management for 18 years, introduced the quality and security thinking of nursing and the management style of “Scientific Management, Sound Systems and Being Skilled in Employing the Talents”.