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The 4th Nursing Skill Competition of School of Nursing is Held

Author: Posttime:2016-04-18 15:27:00 View Count:114

    The 4th Nursing Skill Competition of School of Nursing was held in the Laboratory Center of School of Nursing in April 16.
    The participants, consisting of Batch 2013 nursing undergraduates and Batch 2014 nursing junior college students, were required to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) without any tool.
    During the competition, participants’ procedures were fine in terms of standard movements, crafty techniques, scrupulous attitudes and calm performance. Meanwhile, they integrated the humanistic nursing ideas into their operations and put humanistic service concept into full use, laying great emphasis on nurse-patient communication. The audience were impressed by the participants’ equanimity, agility, grace and spirituality.
    After intense competition, Shen Hui won the First Prize in the undergraduates’ group. Cheng Xin and Ye Qiaoyun the Second. And Wang Tingting, Sun Haikang, Geng Yantian the Third. In the junior college group, Luo Xinyi won the First Prize. Zhang Qin and Ren Dan the Second. And Chen Di, Lan Ziyan the third.