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The FAHGMU Undertook the Ganzhou Clinical Skills Contest

Author: Posttime:2013-09-27 10:59:14 View Count:241

      On September 24, Ganzhou Clinical Skills Contest in 2013, organized by the Health Bureau of Ganzhou, was held in the Clinical Skills Integrating Centre of FAHGMU, which covered Medicine and Surgery.
      The contest started at 8 a.m. 160 contestants from all counties of Ganzhou entered the examination room based on the draw order. Taking the manikins and medical simulators as objects, contestants completed the appointed examination content in the appointed time. CPR, the very four acupunctures and the fundamental skills were tested in the four examination rooms.
      Liao Wei, the director of Health Bureau of Ganzhou, and Lai Weiguo, the deputy director, watched the contest. Qiu Yuequn, the President of the School of the First Clinical Medical Sciences, reported the contest status and other work concerned.