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GMU Psychology Consultation Center Holds a Mental Health Lecture

Author: Posttime:2016-04-20 10:21:00 View Count:100

    In April 19, GMU Psychology Consultation Center held a Mental Health Lecture in Huangjin Campus. Huang Liangming, the director of Psychological and Sleep Department of the No. 3 People's Hospital acted as the distinguished guest.

    The lecture was centered on “Mental Health Act”. Huang Liangming introduced the legislative process, background and regulations in detail. He pointed out that self-security should be guaranteed while offering cares to the psychotic.
    During the Ask-and-Answer link, Huang Liangming shared his experiences and then interacted with the audience. The audience raised a question on how to judge psychological symptoms. He pointed out that the initial judgment can only be obtained after comprehensive analysis from the perspective of individual and social aspects.