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The First Affiliated Hospital of GMU Carries out the “Operation-in-a-Day”

Author: Posttime:2016-04-22 10:22:00 View Count:162

    An inconceivable operative surgical technique, namely, admission in the morning and discharge in the afternoon, is formally carried out in the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU). It is reported that the “Operation-in-a-Day” which takes only one day from admission to discharge effectively eases the problem of seeing a doctor.
    From March 5 on, the Breast Surgery Department of the FAHGMU took the lead and did the Mammotome Minimally Invasive Surgery and Open Surgery of breast masses. The operation applied beautifying suture techniques which spare the trouble of changing a medical prescription and taking out stitches. Its convenience and efficiency, speedy recovery gained unanimous praise of the patients and their families. 30 operations in all were carried out. The FAHGMU plans to expand the varieties of disease operation, including Plastic Surgery, General Surgery Department, Stomatology Department and the Department of Urology Surgery.
    The operation process is as follows. Firstly, the doctor chooses the proper diseases. Then the patient goes through the pre-operation checks at the one-stop service and makes an appointment. And it is time to go into the hospital, have the operation and discharge. Occasionally, the nurses may have a follow-up phone call. Besides, the “Operation-in-a-Day” program belongs to hospitalization. The patients could apply for deletion if he/she has the medical insurance.