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School of Nursing Carries out Voluntary Activities to Celebrate the Nurse Day

Author: Posttime:2016-05-10 15:35:00 View Count:119

    On the morning of May 10, the Youth Voluntary Service Team ofSchool of Nursing headed for Ganzhou Tianli Geracomium to devote care and love to old people in Mothers’ Day. 
    The volunteers took the old people’s blood pressure and shared some health knowledge with them. They also did some cleaning and talked with them. The old people were quite happy.


    The volunteers also prepared some performances. All the activities, including graceful fan-dance, funny environmental fashion-show, singing red songs and teaching the old the clapping exercise, made the old burst into laughter.

    Finally, they took photos with the old and promised to visit next time.

    Liu You, a volunteer from Class 3 of Batch 2015 majoring in Bachelor Degree nursing in School of Nursing, said that it was of great significance to celebrate the first Nurse Day by serving the old and sharing the happiness with the old.