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SBMS Holds the Young Teachers’ Teaching Competition in 2016

Author: Posttime:2016-05-18 14:59:00 View Count:120

    In May 15, School of Basic Medicine Sciences (SBMS) held the Young Teachers’ Teaching Competition in 2016. 13 contestants took part in Teaching Supervising Committee members and 8 students serving as judges. The competition consisted of 3 links, namely, Presenting Teaching Plan, Receiving Lecture Inspecting and Giving Lectures at Scene.
    The competition enjoyed a warm atmosphere. After a fierce one-day competition, one first-prize, two second-prizes and three third-prizes were elected.


    During the competition, the participants demonstrated favorable teaching manners, communicated teaching methods and learned from others about teaching skills. Through the competition, learning and teaching were both greatly promoted. Besides, the competition pushed teachers forward in innovating teaching concepts and methods, thus enhancing class qualities.