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GMU Graduates Head for a Community for Charity Clinics

Author: Posttime:2016-05-19 15:01:00 View Count:121

    On the morning of May 19, the Division of Graduates’ Affairs organized an activity rendering service to give treatment to community without charge. Huang Zhiqin, the Deputy Director of the Division of Graduates’ Affairs, Zhu Xiuying, Secretary of the Xia Haotang Community Party Committee of CPC, head teachers of the Division of Graduates’ Affairs and more than 30 volunteers participated.
    In the activity site, the graduates carried out a variety of activities like Health Counsel, Blood Pressure Measurement and Eyesight Examination, giving full play to their expert knowledge, which won great popularity of the residents and pupils from Dagonglu First School. Health Counsel Group exposited some common chronic diseases and the treatment methods. Blood Pressure Measurement Group carefully measured the blood pressure and analyzed the affecting factors and the dos and don’ts in diet, while Eyesight Examination Group patiently examined the eyesight and shared the healthy habit of using eyes.