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“Green Creation” Environmental Protection Design Competition of SBMS Ends with a Complete Success

Author: Posttime:2016-05-31 14:01:00 View Count:151

    In May 28, the 2nd “Green Creation” Environmental Protection Design Competition of School of Basic Medicine Sciences (SBMS) was held in Huangjin Campus. Yan Guofang, Secretary of the SBMS Party Committee of China, Yu Yijun, Vice Secretary of the SBMS Party Committee of China and faculty of Student Affair attended it.

     The competition consisted of three parts, namely, Youth, Life and World.
   The first part was Youth. The video “Making Contributions to Environment Protection”, one used to arouse students’ interest, showed what a vital role the university students played in environment protection. The second part was Life. The environmental handcrafts appealed the university students to be thrift and carry out the green concepts. The third part was World. The environmental fashion show brought the perceptual beauty of greenness to the audience. The participants took turns to show the handcrafts and clothing. The splendid performance demonstrated the energetic university students. The incisive commentary explanation brought the audience closer to environmental protection.


    At last, the participants from Class 10 of Batch 2015 MBBS won the championship with the handcraft dust cleaner combining deserted grenadine, electronic motor and plastic cups. While in the fashion show, the participants from Class 7of Batch 2015 MBBS won the high praise with the green surgical grown made up of deserted cotton, paper and plastic bags.

    The activity also witnessed the award of programs in Youth Innovation and Internet plus Design Competition.