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Faculty and Students of School of Basic Medicine Sciences Held the Celebration of Eid Al-adha

Author: Posttime:2013-10-16 10:23:00 View Count:237

      October 15 was Eid Al-adha, the Muslim traditional festival. At 20:00, faculty of School of Basic Medicine Sciences, together with the Muslim students wearing the festive clothes, took the pleasure to hold the celebration of Eid Al-adha in Lanzhou Ramen Restaurant of Huangjin Campus.
     From 2012, GMU began recruiting the minority premed. School of Basic Medicine Sciences boasted 61 students, including Hui people, Mongolian people etc. Ma Yucai, a minority student from Ningxia, said “Although I am far from my hometown and I miss my family, I’m pleased to spend the Eid Al-adha with the teachers and classmates.” Teachers and students shared the food and freely talked about the beautiful college life, which joy was overflowing.