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Division of Students’ Affairs Held the College Student Security Knowledge Contest

Author: Posttime:2013-10-23 10:34:00 View Count:245

      On the evening of October 22, College Student Security Knowledge Contest was held in Huangjin Campus, which was hosted by the Division of Students’ Affairs and undertaken by College Student Self-discipline Committee. All staff from the Division of Students’ Affairs and all student organizations attended the activity.
      Contestants came from different schools.Schools well organized cheering squads, which all seats were occupied. Question types were various, focusing on potential safety hazards among college students’ daily life. Besides, there was interactive session.
      At the beginning of the contest, participants remained calmly and the scores were neck and neck. However, during the more difficult link, scores gap were gradually enlarged. During the interactive session, audience was active to participate. Cheers were peaks over  peaks. While enjoying the happiness, contestants learned more security knowledge.
     After intense competition, the delegation from the School of the First Clinical Medicine Sciences won the champion. School of Info-engineering and School of Rehabilitation the second place.School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Nursing and School of Pharmacology the third place.