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Fire Safety Education for Batch 2016 Students is Held in Huangjin Campus

Author: Posttime:2016-09-05 15:28:00 View Count:245

    In September 2, Fire Safety Education for Batch 2016 Students, including Fire Knowledge Lecture and Fire Safety Evacuation Drill, was held in Huangjin Campus.

    Hosted by Zhang Yunbo, a senior engineer from Ganzhou Firefighting Division, he showed several severe fire disasters’ samples over the past years, analyzed the potential risks, taught the self-saving methods for fire hazards and reminded the audience to build safety awareness.
    During the fire drill, the firefighters and the freshmen did the teamwork to complete the Self-rescue, Escape and Rescue links, giving a display to the correct methods for fire disasters and strengthening the fire safety awareness. After that, some freshmen participated in the fire extinction.