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SHSS Speech Competition Ends with a Complete Success

Author: Posttime:2016-10-20 15:35:00 View Count:138

    On the evening of October 19, the School of Humanities & Social Sciences (SHSS) held the Speech Competition finals. Under the theme “Not Sign but Action”, Students’ Affairs Office teachers of SHSS, students’ associations’ representatives, as well as the previous speech competition winners acted as the judges. And all freshmen watched the competition.

    Contestants tightly had the wonderful competition around the theme. The little games in the middle of the competition drove the atmosphere. After intense competition, the judges made a comment. Finally, Wang Chen from the Medical Jurisprudence Class of Batch 2016 won the championship. Zhu Daiya from the English Majors Class 1, as well as Xu Wenqing from the Mental Health Class, won the second awards. Wu Weiqing and He Haoqi from the Medical Psychology Class, as well as Zen Mengting from the English Majors Class 1, won the third awards. This competition ended with the warm applause.