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The 2nd SCROGAAAM & the TSTCC was held in FAHGMU

Author: Posttime:2016-11-01 16:26:00 View Count:164


    From October 29 to 30, the 2nd Society of the Clinical Research in Oncology of Ganzhou Anti-cancer Association Annual Meeting (SCROGAAAM) & the Training of Standardized Treatment in Colorectal Cancer (TSTCC) was held in FAHGMU.

    The vice president of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, the deputy director of the Institute of Gastroenterology of Sun Yat-sen University,doctoral supervisor Wang Lei and around 10 experts and professors delivered wonderful lectures about the pathological diagnosis, internal medicine, surgery, radiation therapy treatmentof colorectal cancer, targeted therapy for advancedlung cancer, the standard treatment and targeted therapy for gastric cancer and other aspects.
    More than 300 people from the hospitals in Ganzhou attended the training.