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The MBGMCSP Carries Out the “Preparation of the Leaf-skeleton Specimens” Activity

Author: Posttime:2016-11-03 17:45:00 View Count:157

    Recently, the Medicinal Botanical Garden Management Centerof the School of Pharmacy (MBGMCSP) carried out the “Preparation of the Leaf-skeleton Specimens” activity in Huangjin Campus.


    Firstly, the students skillfully put the washed leaves into sodium hydroxide solution for cooking until the leaves became soft, then they cleaned the leaves with lye and gently removed leaf mesophyll with old tooth brushes. Finally, some beautiful leaf-skeleton specimens were completed.

    It is known that the “Preparation of the Leaf-skeleton Specimens” activity is part of the “Shizhen Cup” Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Festival. The leaf-skeleton specimens can be used for exhibition, as teaching props and also can be given to relatives and friends as presents.