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GMU Psychology Consultation Center Held a Lecture for Student Psychology Members

Author: Posttime:2013-10-31 11:19:00 View Count:171

      On the evening of October 29, GMU Psychology Consultation Center held a lecture for Student Psychology Members under the theme of “The Technique to Help Others” in Huangjin Campus. This lecture was given by Mr. Zeng Zhibin from the Jiangxi University of Technology and attended by around 200 psychology members from various classes and psychology amateurs.
      This lecture laid emphasis on that psychology members should be responsible, have the sense of service, respect the visitors to the Psychology Consultation Center, be sincere and sympathy, actively show the visitors positive regard, master the techniques to help others, be good at listening, know how to repeat something, know how to ask something and make responses.
     The lecture was significant among those psychology members. Liu Jiangmei, a psychology member from Class 11, Batch 2013, majoring in MBBS, said that “After listening to the lecture, I realize that a psychology member is not only a position, also a soul communicator. I know many skills to tackle psychology problems and I will do my utmost to raise my service level”.