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SHSS Holds the 2015 Hakka Grants Ceremony

Author: Posttime:2016-11-14 15:53:00 View Count:152

    On the evening of November 11, the School of Humanities & Social Sciences (SHSS)held the 2015 Hakka Grants Ceremony in the Huangjin Campus. Director of the Hakka People Law Firm, Lin Xuewen, together with the senior partner Xiong Yangfa, the director of Division of Students’ Affairs of GMU, Yan Jiang, the leadersof the SHSS of GMU,all teachers and students of the Law Department attended the ceremony.


    Yan Jian announced that Fan Bing and another 4 students won the 2015 Hakka Grants. Lin Xuewen encouraged all the students to study hard, make greater progress and devote themselves to society. Zhu Zhidan, on behalf of the winners, expressed the gratitude to the sponsors, and said they would cherish the time, learn more knowledge and enrich themselves constantly.
    The ceremony successfully ended in the warm applause.