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SBMS Holds a Study-style Construction Experience Exchange Meeting

Author: Posttime:2016-11-18 14:27:00 View Count:289

    On the evening of November 16, School of Basic Medicine Sciences (SBMS) of GMU held a Study-style Construction Experience Exchange Meeting. Two Batch 2016 graduates and an intern were invited as main speakers. They shared their experience and understanding of life with the freshmen from the aspects of major-learning, social practice, career planning and so on.
    Senior Peng Yonghua shared a lot of practical skills, which focused on how to adapt to the study life. 
    The students put forward a lot of confusion in study and life, and three seniors made patient and detailed answers. After the meeting, A Batch 2016 student Tian Taiyu said “I have great harvest tonight. For the first time I have the opportunity to communicate with the GMU outstanding seniors. Their utmost advice and valuable experience solved my confusion, and pointed out the direction for me. They are my role models!"