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School of Rehabilitation Students Visit the Enterprise and Innovation Base

Author: Posttime:2016-11-21 14:28:00 View Count:169

    On the morning of November 19, School of Rehabilitation organized students to visit the Enterprise and Innovation Base of GMU “Jin Yue Hui Postpartum Care Center”. Students’ representatives from “Water Drops Enterprise-setting Station” of School of Rehabilitation attended it. And the leader of Jin Yue Hui Postpartum Care Center, Li Bing, was invited to share the entrepreneurial experience with the students.

    Combining with his own experiences, Alumni Li Bing told the students four points of entrepreneurship, namely, adhering to the goal, life-long learning, paying attention to details, moving customers. At the same time, he pointed out that, one should consider the entrepreneurial capacity training on the basis of employment ability.


    After the experience-sharing, the students visited the inside of Jin Yue Hui Postpartum Care Center.