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The SAHGMU Holds the Sixth Nephropathy Patients Meeting

Author: Posttime:2016-11-28 13:36:00 View Count:186

    On the afternoon of November 26, the Sixth Nephropathy Patients Meeting of the Second Affiliated Hospital of GMU (SAHGMU) was held in Xinfeng. Medical staff and more than 100 patients participated in the meeting.  

    Cao Feng, the deputy director of Department of Nephrology of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) and the Fresenius Company expert Wu Tao were invited to deliver lectures and resolve the questions concerned. A warm atmosphere was created.

    The SAHGMU Vice-President Lin Jincheng pointed out that the annual Nephropathy Patients Meeting was a good platform for the Nephropathy Patients to share treatment experience and daily maintenance experience and that it was also an important channel to strengthen the doctor-patient communication, promote harmonious doctor-patient relationship, and to encourage Nephropathy Patients to develop a positive attitude towards life and healthy eating habits so as to gain a healthy body and enjoy a better life.