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School of Humanities & Social Sciences Holds the “Soviet Area Drama” Contest

Author: Posttime:2016-11-28 13:38:00 View Count:283

    On the evening of November 27, the School of Humanities & Social Sciences held the “Soviet Area Drama” Contest in Huangjin Campus. The contest was hosted by the School of Humanities & Social Sciences and undertaken by Student Party Building Association.

    The contest began with the dance “Butterfly Dance”. The scene play “Fall into the Enemy Zone” told a heroic sacrifice story of a revolutionary falling into the enemy trap. The scene play "Secret Mission" told the story of a revolutionary completing tasks assigned by superior with his wisdom and ability. The protagonist of the "Lurk" adhered to the faith and had been lurking in dangerous areas, and ultimately had the heroic sacrifice. "Assassination" shaped a heroine image who was not afraid of death. "A Letter" told a story of overcoming difficulties and passing information.
    In the end, "A Letter" from Class 2 of Batch 2016 undergraduate English Majors and Batch 2016 undergraduate Medical Psychology Majors won the First Prize. "Assassination" from Batch 2016 undergraduate Law Majors and Batch 2016 undergraduate Medical Law Majors won the Second Prize. “Fall into the Enemy Zone” from Batch 2016 undergraduate Art Design Majors and Batch 2016 undergraduate Drug Operation and Management Majors won the Third Prize.