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SAHGMU Carries out Safety Inspection of Production Activity

Author: Posttime:2016-12-06 19:33:00 View Count:180

    In December 2, the dean of the Second Affiliated Hospital of GMU (SAHGMU) Wang Sikun, together with the SAHGMU leaders and leaders of all the departments concerned, constituted the Safety Inspection Team to carry out safety inspection of production in SAHGMU.

    The Inspection Team went deep into the departments and key areas of the hospital to inspect the safety management of water, electricity, gas and focused on the medical security, public security, fire safety, dangerous chemicals and so on.

    Wang Sikun put forward requirements for each department as follows: First, each member must strengthen awareness of safe production. Second, each department must establish and perfect security problems rectification records. Third, each department must further summarize the experience in time and promote the standardization of the safety inspection in production.