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The SBMS "Small Medicine Box" Education Program Starts Once More in the New Year

Author: Posttime:2017-03-06 16:04:00 View Count:186

    In March 4,the School of Basic Medicine Sciences (SBMS) went to the Nankang Dehe Left-Behind Children's Home to carry out the "Small Medicine Box" Education Program.

    Volunteers firstly explained to the children the daily health knowledge and taught them some first aid treatment measures. The children listened carefully and the atmosphere was active. After the class, the volunteers helped the children to do the homework and played games with them. All of them spent a full day together.

    Since the start of the "Small Medicine Box" Education Program in 2016, the SBMS has aimed to enhance the health of the left-behind children. The Volunteers have not forgotten their minds, and guarded the left-behind children's health with their professional knowledge and love, and contributed to the "Health China 2030".