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FAHGMU Carries Out the “Ear-care Day” Charity Clinics

Author: Posttime:2017-03-07 16:09:00 View Count:185

    March 3rd was the fifth "World Hearing Day", which also was the Chinese 18th " Ear-care Day".

    On the morning of March 3, Peng Shaoping, the director of the ENT & HN Surgery Department of the FAHGMU, assigned his team to three clinic sites to carry out Charity Clinic activities. In the hall of the FAHGMU, the "Anti-deafness Service" Charity Clinics were organized. Many experts of the FAHGMU were at the scene, propaganda-ed the knowledge about deafness, answered questions and diagnosed the patients.

    Wang Yingbin, Yu Hong, Su Yiqing went to Ganzhou Tianlai Children's Language Rehabilitation Training School to visit the patients who were receiving rehabilitation training and to explain the knowledge about deafness to them.

    Lai Shisheng led a team to the SAHGMU for the “Ear-care Day” charity clinic activity.

    A total of 145 patients were accepted in three clinic sites, including 30 patients needing advice on ear health, 12 patients knowledge about wearing hearing aids, 4 patients consultation for matters related to cochlear implantation, and 9 patients knowledge related to genetic deafness. The charity clinic activities were widely praised by the patients and their families.