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The SAHGMU Carries Out the "World Kidney Day" Activity

Author: Posttime:2017-03-13 11:08:00 View Count:232

    March 9 was the 12th “World Kidney Day” under the theme "Kidney Disease and Obesity, Healthy Living, Healthy Kidney". Around this theme, the second ward of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Second Affiliated Hospital of GMU (SAHGMU) carried out the activity of Health Knowledge Popularization and Education "Stay away from Obesity and Kidney Disease" . More than 40 people, including patients and the family representatives from the hospital and the medical staff, attended it.

    Combined with the image of intuitive graphic and data. the director of the second ward Lai Shijun detailedly explained the knowledge on obesity and kidney disease. Head nurse Zhang Yuyun shared the relevant experience around the diet of the hemodialysis patients.
There is no empty seat at the scene. The harmony and trust between doctors and patients were fully reflected.